RideU is an iOS (iPhone, iPad) app I wrote during high school. I was just learning at the time and iOS development became one of my most cherished hobbies.

Real-time data from more than 242 cities was available. Most of it was obtained through APIs like CityBikes. It still works nowadays, but it feels outdated. Keep in mind it’s been on the App Store since 2013. It was also my project at Telefónica Foundation’s Think Big youth entrepreneurship program (1/06/2015), where I was lucky enough to reach the last level, which resulted in this Demo Day keynote presentation and another one at the PANGEA summit (05/02/2015).

I’m thinking of updating the app at some point.

As seen in the media:

Informativos TVE 1 (23/11/2015) - The news, Spanish national television
Valencia Plaza (15/05/2015) - Local newspaper
11tv - En directe (13/11/2015) - Local TV station
El Confidencial (1/11/2015) - National newspaper
La Razón (1/11/2015) - National newspaper
Levante EMV (2/11/2015) - Regional newspaper
Las Provincias (1/11/2015) - Regional newspaper
GestionaRadio - De12A2 con Paco Cremades (6/06/2015) - Local radio
UPVTV (27/11/2015) - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia official news site

Cecilio C. Tamarit
Computer Engineering student